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Hey! Markus here.

Again thank you very much for your support and patience, I really hadn't expected you to be so understanding in the issues and ongoing delays, which is also why I really hate to say it again but the March delivery date is not going to hold.

All mechanical tooling is finished, plastic parts are produced, warehouses are ready to receive and ship to you but there has been a delay in the delivery of the PCBA (the electronical board) again. We had been promised the delivery of it in February which is why I had estimated March as we had prepared two assembly places both in Denmark and Thailand the first units off the assembly line as soon as possible.

The reason for the delay in PCBA delivery is as you probably had guessed, is supply issues. last year we bought all the critical components that were running out of stock, this being the previously mentioned LEDS, WiFi chips, screens and the custom electronical components such as the Pogo-pins so that these would not be a bottleneck. However, the PCBA manufacturer had issues getting some MOSFETS which we had not purchased earlier as it was not in short supply then. Anyways, the current schedule is that all components arrive at the facility 10. of March, and then it takes 2-5 weeks for production. After PCBA production the boards will ship to both Denmark and Thailand for assembly where we then soon after can begin shipping to you.

To make sure this kind of delay does not happen again, we have found an additional PCBA manufacturing partner and put an order in so that everything does not depend on a single contractor, I will admit that this should have been done from the start.

I want to keep the status as transparent as possible so please if you have any questions regarding production don’t hesitate to ask. I have also set this page up, where you can see in a little more depth what has already been done, and what is still needed. I can understand from your view it can seem like we are just sitting fiddling our thumbs but I promise you that is not the case :) On the page, you can see all the milestones that have been completed and I will keep it updated as progress is made

Status page here

I understand that you probably care more about when your product will arrive rather than hearing about the difficulties of manufacturing and excuses but until the PCBA has arrived I will not give out dates because I hate to break promises, and things CAN go wrong, get delayed, etc.

However, I promise that you WILL receive your product and that it will have been worth the wait!

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