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Watch your portfolio grow 🚀 on your desk with Tickrmeter. 

Build and visualize your portfolio physically and monitor it without losing focus on what matters.

TickerMeter is a physical stock ticker display for your home and office that displays the latest prices for your current stock, crypto or forex positions on an exclusive E-INK display.

TickrMeter is ever-developing and receives new features every month through software and firmware updates. Join TickrMeter hub to follow the newest developments!

Real-time Professional Grade Financial Data: Access immediate, high-quality financial information to make informed decisions without delay.

Global ETF, Index, and Stock Coverage: Keep your investment strategy diverse with comprehensive data from around the globe.

Crypto Feed by CoinGecko: Dive into the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies with trusted data from CoinGecko.

Track 50+ Commodities like Gold and Silver: Expand your portfolio with detailed insights on over 50 commodities, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.

Stock Data Supplied by Nasdaq: Leverage the precision of Nasdaq's stock data to track market movements with unparalleled accuracy.

Exclusive E-Ink Display: Enjoy clarity and ease of use with our device's exclusive E-Ink display, designed for visibility and comfort.

Rechargeable Battery Lasting Up to 4 Weeks: Stay powered for longer with a durable battery, ensuring you're always in the loop without constant recharges.

Over 25,000 TickrMeters in the Wild: Join a growing community of savvy investors who trust our TickrMeter to stay ahead.

Recently Seen on Danish Shark Tank: As featured on Danish Shark Tank, TickrMeter has captured the interest of top investors for its innovative approach to financial tracking.



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Can't I just see this on my phone?

Stacked cubes displaying stock prices with 'Exclusive E-ink display' text above.

More than just a Physical Ticker

Set Price Alerts

Display Your Top - Or worst performers

Track, and showcase your gains (or losses)

Non-intrusive E-Paper Display

TickrMeter utilizes an E-Paper display to showcase your stocks.

E-Paper emits no light, and falls naturally into the surroundings like an framed picture.

Animated image of a desk with digital stock tickers and a magazine, with text overlay about new features.