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TickrMeter Physical Stock Display
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Track your stocks without

wasting valuable time!

With Tickrmeter, you can effortlessly keep track of your
portfolio while ensuring you have the time and energy
for other important aspects of your life.

Our user-friendly platform is designed to make monitoring your investments easy and fun

Global market support

Crypto by CoinGecko

TickrMeter is ever-developing and receives new features every month through software and firmware updates. Join TickrMeter hub to follow the newest developments!

  • Real-time Professional grade financial data with a mean latency of only 20ms

  • Global ETF, Index and stock coverage

  • Crypto feed by CoinGecko

  • Track 50+ Commodities like gold and silver

  • Stock data supplied by Nasdaq

  • Exclusive E-Ink display

  • Rechargeable Battery lasting up to 4 weeks

  • Successfully raised over $500.000 on Indiegogo

  • Recently seen on danish Shark Tank

In stock!


Single and cycle mode
Show a single position or make a playlist and have TickrMeter cycle between your watchlist, supported modes:

- Randomized
- Daily top performer
- Daily worst performer
- In order

Stackable design
Stack up to 10 TickrMeters and charge them all with a single cable using our patent pending magcharge system.

Set custom alerts

Make TickrMeter flash, beep or change color when hitting chosen prices.

Exclusive E-paper display
E-paper emits no light and falls naturally into your surroundings - like a framed picture

Connection type:


Supported Stocks

TickrMeter supports

Global ETF and Index coverage. 

(EU, CA, UK, US, Asia.)

Individual stocks in following markets

United States

Nordics (Denmark Sweden Norway Finland)


United Kingdom (LSE)







Supported Commodities 

COFFEEArabica Coffee
KC00Arabica Coffee Continuous Contract
KCZ24Arabica Coffee Dec 2024
KCZ23Arabica Coffee Dec 23
KCN23Arabica Coffee Jul 23
KCN24Arabica Coffee Jul 24
KCH23Arabica Coffee Mar 23
KCH24Arabica Coffee Mar 24
KCK23Arabica Coffee May 23
KCK24Arabica Coffee May 24
KCU24Arabica Coffee Sep 2024
KCU23Arabica Coffee Sep 23
BLKQ23Block Cheese Aug 23
BLKZ23Block Cheese Dec 23
BLKN23Block Cheese Jul 23
BLKM23Block Cheese Jun 23
BLKV23Block Cheese Oct 23
BLKFBlock Cheese Sep 23
BRENTOILBrent Crude Oil
CSCZ22Cheese Dec 22
CSCG23Cheese Feb 23
CSCF23Cheese Jan 23
LCOCobalt (Troy Ounce)
CZ23Corn Dec 23
CN23Corn Jul 23
CK23Corn May 2023
CU23Corn Sep 23
CPOCrude Palm Oil
TFMIJ24Dutch TTF Gas Monthly Apr 2024
TFMIQ23Dutch TTF Gas Monthly Aug 23
TFMIDutch TTF Gas Monthly Continuous Contract
TFMIZ23Dutch TTF Gas Monthly Dec 23
TFMIG24Dutch TTF Gas Monthly Feb 2024
TFMIF24Dutch TTF Gas Monthly Jan 2024
TFMIM24Dutch TTF Gas Monthly Jun 2024
TFMIH24Dutch TTF Gas Monthly Mar 2024
TFMIK24Dutch TTF Gas Monthly May 2024
TFMIX23Dutch TTF Gas Monthly Nov 23
TFMIV23Dutch TTF Gas Monthly Oct 23
TFMIU23Dutch TTF Gas Monthly Sep 23
TGJ23Dutch TTF Natural Gas Apr 23
TGH23Dutch TTF Natural Gas Mar 23
FR-ELElectricity France
DE-ELElectricity Germany
IT-ELElectricity Italy
ES-ELElectricity Spain
GFU22Feeder Cattle
FCJ24Feeder Cattle Apr 2024
FC00Feeder Cattle Continuous Contract
FCc1Feeder Cattle Futures - Aug 23
FCc3Feeder Cattle Futures - Oct 23
FCc2Feeder Cattle Futures - Sep 23
FCF24Feeder Cattle Jan 2024
FCH24Feeder Cattle Mar 2024
FCM23Feeder Cattle May 23
FCX23Feeder Cattle Nov 2023
FCV23Feeder Cattle Oct 2023
GDPGerman DIesel
XAUGold (Troy Ounce)
HOU22Heating Oil
IRDIridium (Troy Ounce)
LHOGLean Hog
LCATLive Cattle
LCJ24Live Cattle Apr 2024
LCQ23Live Cattle Aug 2023
LCQ24Live Cattle Aug 2024
LC00Live Cattle Continuous Contract
LCZ23Live Cattle Dec 2023
LCG24Live Cattle Feb 2024
LCc2Live Cattle Futures - Aug 23
LCc1Live Cattle Futures - Jun 23
LCc3Live Cattle Futures - Oct 23
LCM23Live Cattle Jun 2023
LCM24Live Cattle Jun 2024
LCV23Live Cattle Oct 2023
LCV24Live Cattle Oct 2024
STEEL-RELME Steel Rebar FOB Turkey
STEEL-SCLME Steel Scrap CFR Turkey
LGOU22London Gas Oil
DLJ23Milk Apr '23
DAJ24Milk Apr 2024
DLQ23Milk Aug '23
DAZ23Milk Dec 2023
DAG24Milk Feb 2024
DAF24Milk Jan 2024
DLN23Milk Jul '23
DLM23Milk Jun '23
DAH24Milk Mar 2024
DLK23Milk May '23
DAX23Milk Nov 2023
DAV23Milk Oct 2023
DLU23Milk Sep '23
BL2c1Milling Wheat N2 Futures
NGNatural Gas
EU-NGNatural Gas Futures Europa
COALNewcastle Coal Futures
OJU22Orange Juice
XPDPalladium (Troy Ounce)
XPTPlatinum (Troy Ounce)
PRKQ23Pork Cutout Aug 23
PRKZ23Pork Cutout Dec 23
PRKM23Pork Cutout Jun 23
PRKK23Pork Cutout May 23
RBU22RBOB Gasoline
XRHRhodium (Troy Ounce)
ROBUSTARobusta Coffee
D00Robusta Coffee Continuous Contract
RMF23Robusta Coffee Jan 23
RMF24Robusta Coffee Jan 24
DN24Robusta Coffee Jul 2024
RMN23Robusta Coffee Jul 23
RMH23Robusta Coffee Mar 23
RMH24Robusta Coffee Mar 24
DK24Robusta Coffee May 2024
RMK23Robusta Coffee May 23
DX24Robusta Coffee Nov 2024
RMX23Robusta Coffee Nov 23
DU24Robusta Coffee Sep 2024
RMU23Robusta Coffee Sep 23
ZRU22Rough Rice
RRK23Rough Rice Sep 23
XAGSilver (Troy Ounce)
ZSF23Soybean Jan 23
ZSH23Soybean Mar 23
ZMU22Soybean Meal
SMQ23Soybean Meal Aug 2023
SMQ24Soybean Meal Aug 2024
SM00Soybean Meal Continuous Contract
SMZ23Soybean Meal Dec 2023
ZMZ22Soybean Meal Dec 22
SMF24Soybean Meal Jan 2024
ZMF23Soybean Meal Jan 23
SMN23Soybean Meal Jul 2023
SMN24Soybean Meal Jul 2024
SMH24Soybean Meal Mar 2024
ZMH23Soybean Meal Mar 23
SMK24Soybean Meal May 2024
SMV23Soybean Meal Oct 2023
SMU23Soybean Meal Sep 2023
ZLU22Soybean Oil
BOQ23Soybean Oil Aug 2023
BOQ24Soybean Oil Aug 2024
BO00Soybean Oil Continuous Contract
BOZ23Soybean Oil Dec 2023
ZLZ22Soybean Oil Dec 22
BOF24Soybean Oil Jan 2024
ZLF23Soybean Oil Jan 23
BON23Soybean Oil Jul 2023
BON24Soybean Oil Jul 2024
BOH24Soybean Oil Mar 2024
ZLH23Soybean Oil Mar 23
BOK24Soybean Oil May 2024
BOV23Soybean Oil Oct 2023
BOU23Soybean Oil Sep 2023
SQ23Soybeans Aug 2023
SN23Soybeans Jul 2023
SX23Soybeans Nov 2023
SU23Soybeans Sep 2023
SBN22Sugar Jul 22
SBH23Sugar Mar 23
SBK23Sugar May 23
SBN23Sugar No. 11 World Jul 23
SBV23Sugar No. 11 World Oct 23
UK-ELUK Electricity
UK-NGUK Natural Gas
ZWZ22Wheat Dec 22
ZWZ23Wheat Dec 23
WFMWheat Front Month
ZWN23Wheat Jul 23
ZWH23Wheat Mar 23
ZWK23Wheat May 23
ZWU23Wheat Sep 23
ZWN2Wheat ZWN2
ZWU2Wheat ZWU2


Detailed specs

Power input



E-ink display

97×40×38 mm // 3.81×1.57×1.49 Inches

Connection type:



Where do you get data from?
We went all in and got best in class financial data by partnering directly with Nasdaq and TickrMeter shows the latest trades with a mean latency of only 20ms, orders of magnitude faster than most web tools.

For crypto, data comes from Polygon and CoinGecko

What size is TickrMeter?
97×40×38 mm // 3.81×1.57×1.49 Inches

More than just a Physical Ticker

Set Price Alerts

Have TickrMeter flash, change color, or beep when triggering your set alarm.

Display Your Top -  Or  worst performers

Have TickrMeter automatically show you your top gainer or biggest looser of the day, week or year.

Track, and showcase your gains (or losses)

Track your own positions and display your portfolio gains on TickrMeter

Non-intrusive E-Paper Display

TickrMeter utilizes an E-Paper display to showcase your stocks. 

E-Paper emits no light, and falls naturally into the surroundings like an framed picture.

Create playlists

And make TickrMeter cycle between tickers.

Modes available:

- Randomized
- Daily Top Performer
- Daily Worst Performer
- In order

Some of the features

WiFi Connected

Adjust ticker, update interval and more from your phone

Small footprint

So you can put it wherever want

Non-intrusive E-Paper Display

TickrMeter uses an E-Paper display, which emits no light and won't disturb you.

Customizable Status light

Set the status display to show candle color, RSI, or as an alert. (more to come)

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