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TickrMeter Physical Stock DisplayTickrMeter Physical Stock Display
TickrMeter Physical Stock Display
TickrMeter Physical Stock Display
TickrMeter Physical Stock Display
TickrMeter Physical Stock Display
TickrMeter Physical Stock Display

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Watch your portfolio grow 🚀 on your desk with Tickrmeter. 

Visualize your portfolio physically and monitor it without losing focus on what matters.

TickerMeter is a physical stock ticker display for your home and office that displays the latest prices for your current stock, crypto or forex positions.

  • Real-time Professional grade financial data with a mean latency of only 20ms

  • Over 500 crypto coins supported with more coming

  • Stock data supplied by Nasdaq

  • Exclusive E-Ink display

  • Rechargeable Battery

  • Successfully raised over $500.000 on Indiegogo

We support crypto payments!

Note: EST delivery December


Single and cycle mode
Show a single position or make a playlist and have TickrMeter cycle between your watchlist, supported modes:

- Randomized
- Daily top performer
- Daily worst performer
- In order

Stackable design
Stack up to 10 TickrMeters and charge them all with a single cable using our patent pending magcharge system.

Set custom alerts

Make TickrMeter flash, beep or change color when hitting chosen prices.

Exclusive E-paper display
E-paper emits no light and falls naturally into your surroundings - like a framed picture

Connection type:


Detailed specs

Power input



E-ink display

97×40×38 mm // 3.81×1.57×1.49 Inches

Connection type:



Where do you get data from?
We went all in and got best in class financial data by partnering directly with Nasdaq and TickrMeter shows the latest trades with a mean latency of only 20ms, orders of magnitude faster than most web tools.

For crypto, data comes from Polygon, Coinbase and smallcoincap

What size is TickrMeter?
97×40×38 mm // 3.81×1.57×1.49 Inches

How to pay with Crypto

To pay with crypto all you have to do is choose Coinbase commerce under checkout.

We accept the following coins: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DAI, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, og USD Coin 

More than just a Physical Ticker

Set Price Alerts

Have TickrMeter flash, change color, or beep when triggering your set alarm.

Display Your Top -  Or  worst performers

Have TickrMeter automatically show you your top gainer or biggest looser of the day, week or year.

Track, and showcase your gains (or losses)

Track your own positions and display your portfolio gains on TickrMeter

Non-intrusive E-Paper Display

TickrMeter utilizes an E-Paper display to showcase your stocks. 

E-Paper emits no light, and falls naturally into the surroundings like an framed picture.

Create playlists

And make TickrMeter cycle between tickers.

Modes available:

- Randomized
- Daily Top Performer
- Daily Worst Performer
- In order

Some of the features

WiFi Connected

Adjust ticker, update interval and more from your phone

Small footprint

So you can put it wherever want

Non-intrusive E-Paper Display

TickrMeter uses an E-Paper display, which emits no light and won't disturb you.

Customizable Status light

Set the status display to show candle color, RSI, or as an alert. (more to come)

Build your portfolio - Literally

By stacking TickrMeter's you can build your up portfolio physically. 

Wireless charging enables 10 units to charge on a single USB-C cable.

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