Stock tickers for your table

They call it the second best thing to a Bloomberg terminal

Build Your Portfolio

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Out in the wild
E-Ink Display
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More than just a Physical Ticker

Watch your portfolio grow 🚀on your desk

Set Price Alerts
Have TickrMeter flash, change color, or beep when triggering your set alarm.
Display Your Top - Or worst performers
Have TickrMeter automatically show you your top gainer or biggest looser of the day, week or year.
Track, and showcase your gains (or losses)
Track your own positions and display your portfolio gains on TickrMeter
Build your entire portfolio
Supports Stocks, ETF, Indicies, Forex, commodities and Crypto
Follow your gains

Non-intrusive E-Paper Display

TickrMeter utilizes an E-Paper display to showcase your stocks. 

E-Paper emits no light, and falls naturally into the surroundings like an framed picture.