TickrMeter Just Got Better

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TickrMeter Just Got Better

The new firmware and server update has been released!
Your valuable emails, messages, and chats really gave us insight into what you wanted to see next, and we hope we nailed it with this update.


🔋 Improved Battery Life: In battery mode, the device now sleeps in the intervals between updates, extending battery life up to several weeks, as compared to a single day earlier. Please note, the time you set for the update interval impacts battery life significantly. For instance, an interval difference between 1 and 5 minutes could mean weeks of battery longevity. To assist, the UI will now provide an estimated battery life based on the selected interval.

Please remember, if an update is pushed within the sleep interval, it might take up to the set interval time for the change to reflect, potentially giving the impression that the device has frozen. Rest assured, this is a part of the power-saving design. Furthermore, if the light setting is on, it will switch off under low power but continue updating the screen.

💱 Forex Feature: As many of you requested, we've added Forex. Now you can track global currencies on TickrMeter.

📊 Ticker Text Upgrade: Ticker text now centers properly and supports longer tickers without clipping.

🚫 No blinking Screen in playlist mode: We've resolved the issue with the screen blinking while cycling symbols in playlist mode.

🛠️ Device Stability: All known freezing and instability issues originating from the devices have been addressed. Please let us know if you still encounter any freezes post the update.

💷💶 Clearer Currency Symbols: The £ and € symbols have been sharpened up for a clearer display.

Upgraded Error Screens: We've revamped our error screens to provide clearer, more useful info when things go a bit sideways.

The whole codebase has been redone from scratch making it easier and faster to make new features onwards.

So go ahead, update your TickrMeter, and let us know what you think. Your feedback is always appreciated.

Happy trading! 📈

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