Shipping update #2

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Shipping update #2
Before jumping into what we’ve learned and all of the improvements you can expect in the short term, we would like to give you some highlights! So far:
  • over 4000 units have been shipped;
  • over 3000 have been delivered, and the rest are in transit;
  • We have 6.000 units inbound for December, which will cover ALL pre-orders
  • Orders has been somewhat split between Europe and USA/CA, we are behind on Asian orders due to less flexible warehouse supports in Asia, so we have had to collect 1 big shipment for Asia instead of sending several smaller as we have been doing in US/EU/CA

Canadian Shipments

We use USPS to ship to Canada. Some packages have had a transit time of over 20 days because they get held up at the border. If you have gotten the shipping notice but haven't received it yet, hang tight, they eventually do arrive.

Address changes and confirmation PLEASE READ.

We had a few hiccups with packages being delivered to the wrong addresses. Please go to and press self-service or the chat box in the bottom right corner. 

Here you can see if the address is correct. If not, please write to this exact mail support@tickrMeter, and we will handle it.

Battery life.

Currently, the device doesn't utilize any of the planned battery-saving features, making the battery life about 2 days. After we are done fulfilling pre-orders, we can prioritize more firmware development which will make the device last way longer. 

More exchanges

We will soon open up for non-US markets and FOREX support. We have also found the current crypto API lacking and will integrate coingecko for a larger selection

Server issues 

There have been 2 instances of server crashes as more devices logged on, the servers have now been upgraded, and the MQTT broker has had the limit removed.

We need to have 100% uptime on the servers, and hopefully, this will help achieve that.

Customer images 

Check out a few images from backers!

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