TickrMeter production status

First of all, thank you to everyone who has purchased or supported TickrMeter in any way. We have sat this page up so that you can follow the production as it goes along.

Last updated 22. of November 2022 🎉

Funded through IndieGoGo

  • Ability to move forward with the Project

Industrial Design and engineering

Electrical Engineering Finished

  • PCB design 
  • Redesigning part of the PCB several times to accommodate raising supply issues

Selection of manufacturing partner

  • Danish development partner with facilities in Thailand chosen to help with production

Software Development

  • Firmware for device
  • Cloud Software to control devices ready for production but ongoing development going on

Market data agreements

  • Getting required datastreams from Nasdaq
  • Sharing data streams with Polygon
  • Connecting polygon API to TickrMeter cloud

Funds from IndieGoGo received

  • Funds have been received making it possible to begin buying components

Order critical electronic parts and begin tooling

  • LED's, main chip and batteries ordered
  • Tooling started

Injection molding tooling complete

  • The tooling for all plastic parts are finished
  • Testing mechanical assembly
  • Ordering first batch of mechanical parts

Critical components arrived at facility

  • Screens, LEDS, Main chip and batteries arrived

Order PCBA and samples

  • Ordered the rest of the parts for PCBA + samples for testing

Mechanical parts arrive at facility

  • Plastic parts arrived
  • Magnets and Pogo Pins arrived

PCBA samples arrived and tested

  • We have assembled and tested a complete production unit.
  • Firmware testing 
  • Certifications (CE, FCC)

3PL and logistical partner found

  • Warehouses in UK, NL, HK and US ready to receive and ship TickrMeter to costumers

PCBA batch arrive at facility

  • Last required part, the PCBA arrive at facility

Assembly and QA

Partially completed
7.000 units completed

  • Assemble units in weekly batches

Fulfillment and last mile delivery
In progress

  • Ship to backers from warehouses

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out

For any questions regarding TickrMeter or production don't hesitate to reach out below. 
I will personally respond to all messages instead of support staff, so please, as hesitating it is please don't just write "when will my order arrive" -  we are working as fast as possible to deliver your long awaited TickrMeter's

Thank you so much - Markus