Update #9

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Update #9

Hey! Markus here.

All surveys have been sent out and so far 2215 out of 2846 has been completed, I appreciate your patience on the support emails. I made the choice to personally handle all support emails and communication during the campaign and after sending the surveys I got about 150 emails in return, I'm almost at the end of the list, so if your email hasn't been answered yet, you are not forgotten :)

Note: If you ordered from the website you don't need to do anything, the surveys are only for Indiegogo customers

The choice of not hiring a support staff/community manager was not to save a buck but to keep communication with backers honest and personal, TickrMeter is an actual bootstrapped project and owners sharing the journey with the backers is something I have appreciated as a backer myself on other campaigns, so that's how I'm doing it too.

I know you're all interested in the shipping schedule, it seems like the plan of beginning shipping in March can hold, but we are waiting for some info, which we will have next week. So I will make a new production update next week going in-depth regarding shipping dates, so I apologize for the lack of info on this post, I just didn't want to skip the promised bi-weekly update.

Fun fact about E-ink: if you turn off TickrMeter, the screen will hold the "image" forever, the picture below is one of the first prototypes that was turned off in August, so it's still showing AMC in its better days (Can you please stop diluting shares, Adam? Thanks)

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