Production Update #7

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Production Update #7

Hey, Markus here. 

Here's a quick status update on manufacturing:

We are almost guaranteed to receive all parts before the Chinese New year at the end of January, and as TickrMeter is not assembled/made in China CNY will not delay manufacturing, which is excellent.

 Cutting of the light bar "windows"


The last couple of weeks, we have been testing the pre-production samples, making sure that the firmware is fully functional and robust, and are pretty confident at this stage that we can begin production as soon as the final parts arrive (Custom ABS parts and batteries)

TickrMeter Development

Firmware testing on pre-production samples

As mentioned earlier, we have been hesitant about giving out dates that won't hold up. However, we are at the stage now that we can finally begin to give out estimated dates: if everything goes as planned, we can realistically start shipping mid to late February. Again, we apologize for the delays as we know that the original plan was to be shipping already by now. We can promise you that it will have been worth the additional waiting time as you will receive a product with more features, mainly being the battery and the wireless charging between units.

As always, don't hesitate to reply or write a mail if you want info on anything! We will also gladly share insights on anything specific about manufacturing if there's something you wondered about.


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