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The LED's mentioned last updates just arrived today!
Side mounted LED package

This small parcel contains over 7.000 LED's

So now we just need the last component, which is the WiFi module. The supplier told us it should arrive within 4 weeks and if possible, ship out smaller batches sooner so that we can begin assembling units.

You might have heard about the ongoing shipping crisis, and the ports on the east coast being fully blocked, so we are planning to primarily ship by air so that we don't get even more delayed.

We have also been in contact with Arrow's certification program, they are Indiegogo's hardware partner and have vetted and certified the electronics design. What this means is the campaign gets a badge which basically means that the design works, and they help us source components faster :)

On the software / feature side, we are looking for ways to integrate a highly asked for feature: Showing total asset/account value on TickrMeter. This is harder to do "right" than it sounds, the reason being that the majority of exchanges do not have any API's to use.

This means that as it looks we would have to partner up with the individual exchanges to make this feature or integrate with something like TradingView where many people sync their trades to anyways.

However, what we can do to start with, is have TickrMeter showing the value of your crypto hot wallet, this feature should be available by the time we ship out. If you have any suggestions or ideas on this feature now is the time to let us know :)

I know this update was boring, in the next one we will have a competition or giveaway to spice things up a bit while we wait.



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