Production update #3

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Production update #3

Hey Backers, here's a quick update on production status!

Apologies for the delayed update, we promised a minimum of bi-weekly updates and it's been 17 days, that won't happen again!

Everything is almost going to plan.

The factory is currently making pre-production units. This is done both for the sake of the factory to get trained on assembling the units before mass production but also for us to have units to test and make sure that everything is working as it should. We really want to get the product to backers and to market ASAP but we also don't want to skip out on vital quality assurance steps,

Testing includes things like making sure that the firmware is working, and most importantly updating correctly over the air. But also physical tests like making sure that the units can handle vibrations and humid climates (yes this is an actual problem with some products)

Indiegogo is also promising a pretty sweet deal if we can ship out on time so believe us when we say we are doing everything as fast as possible!

So what about that "almost"?

We are currently waiting for a shipment of 2 components, one of these is the LED used for the light bar. This LED is usually not a hard to source component so we didn't order it before getting the payout from IGG like we did for the screens, and after we did get the payment someone had bought the entire stock, (over 40.000 units at once) The manufacturer of the LED says they are restocking within the next couple of weeks.

Usually, there are a bunch of different LED's that could replace it but this one is angled (see image below) and there are no replacements with the same brightness
Right angle LED
To combat this issue we are currently testing normal upright pointing LED's because there are loads to pick from, but we have to make sure that they light up the light bar in the same way.

"So what does this mean for my order?"

It means that we are delayed a few weeks, a lot are asking for dates but the truth is that setting dates for a first production run is as precise as doing technical analysis on stocks (No offense to all traders!) When we have all components on the ground, and the first unit is made we will give exact dates, not before because we don't want to make a promise that can't be kept.

Regular updates are better than guesstimate dates anyways right?

On the software side, check out some images from the desktop interface, as promised no APP is required, everything can controlled from a browser on both mobile or desktop.

TickrMeter interface

Web interface

Look out for a new update within 14 days, and please let us know in the comments if there's anything specific you'd like to get featured in the next update.


- Markus

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