Production Update #14

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Production Update #14

Hey all, Markus here.

I'm going to start by giving the disappointing news: We still haven't received the batteries. 

We are working around the clock to find a solution to this, let me start by explaining the issue.

How this became an issue.

The batteries were bought back in December, and actually delivered to our manufacturer on time in Thailand, in January.

However, the manufacturing partner had to decline the shipment due to missing a printed waybill/invoice. This document was shortly supplied and our manufacturing partner told us that everything was OK, and it was taken care of. When we began the test build back in April, we discovered that the shipment actually was still in customs. Since then we have had daily correspondence about this shipment and have been told it's almost handled but we are so behind now that we can't wait any longer and have to take additional action on this.

What we are doing to overcome this (as quickly as possible)

  • Got an local (danish) production manager onboard that has several other products getting made with the same manufacturer. 
  • Ordered a second small batch of batteries. The battery manufacturer knows that it is partly their fault, and wants to help by making a second batch asap.
  • Got a danish logistics company that has a lot of experience with Thailand to help expedite the customs procces

We have physically located the shipment, so it's not lost, we just can't have the factory receive it legally before this customs thing is fixed. We are even trying to get at least some of the batteries free by giving it to one of the workers of the freight forwarder and having him ship them.

Apparently, Thailand is very strict about documentation, and the freight forwarder/shipping company had just driven a truck from China to Thailand into the freezone without formally importing the shipment. We had hired a freight forwarder so this exact scenario wouldn't happen but I guess they too learn something new everyday..

The latest news, is that they "promise" that the shipment will be released within 2 weeks however I really hope that the actions we have taken will expedite this.

I don't want this to delay the project much further as we are already behind, so I thought about the possibility to ship some products out without batteries and then ship the battery out after as it is very easy to install and the device works without, but this is the last resort only.

I apologize for this disappointing news, I have been on the other end of delayed projects and know how annoying it is, and how "easy" these things seem to be. I swore to myself not to be yet another delayed crowdfunding project.

Anyways, we are close to the finish line and will keep you updated!

Don't hesitate to ask any questions regarding this, will keep it fully transparent as promised.


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Thanks for the updates to the situation, its better to know whats happening then to not know even if the answer is not pretty. I really appreciate the transparency.

Edward Ferrari

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