Production Update #13

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Production Update #13

Hey Backers! Markus here.

I've delayed this update as I had hoped to have been able to announce shipping had begun, but the batteries got delayed in customs, so it will have to wait till the next update.

Last update we were waiting for the first PCBA batch, Corona is plagiarizing China again which is delaying lots of shipments but the first batch of our PCBA's actually did arrive on time! The PCBA has been inspected at our manufacturing partner in Thailand and has been partly shipped to us in Denmark where we can assemble the first batch pretty fast, once the batteries clear customs. 

It's all coming together nicely now, but believe me when I say that I share your frustration in what can seem like an endless wave of excuses and delays. I'm not just feeding you excuses, the delays is surprising for me too - I even posted on LinkedIn almost 2 months ago about soon shipping products.

In hindsight, there probably have been things we could have done to speed up production like shipping the batteries earlier (We bought them in November and had them stored) But the component and supply chain issues are changing day from day, and is very difficult to account and prepare for. What can be done, we have. As an example, the PCB's are designed to fit several components that does the same job, so if component A runs out of stock we can use component B that does the same job without changing the design. 

TickrMeter Portal where you control your devices is live now at

You can create your account now so you are prepared when your TickrMeter finally arrives. (It will also help us test the servers)

We have set up a get started guide on the website you can find here of course the guide is can only be completed once you receive the product but I have gotten some questions on how to connect TickrMeter to WiFi which is shown in the guide :)

Also, here's an image of the TickrMeter packaging!

Thank you for your patience, your support, your engagement & your feedback.

If you have any questions, please share them with us below or contact us at


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