Merry Christmas from Tickrmeter!

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Merry Christmas from Tickrmeter!

Hey all! 

Markus here. - For me, it's been a memorable 12 months, starting with just an idea back in January. Seeing that idea finally in production is exciting. 2021 might not have been the easiest year in history to start a hardware company, but despite the supply issues, I think things have gone pretty smooth so far, and I am confident it will continue doing so. I can't thank you enough for your continued support and understanding of the delays, as this helps us stay on the path and not make stupid mistakes in an attempt to make speed up the process. The goal is to make TickrMeter into a long-lasting brand with more products, and this is, of course only possible if the flagship product is perfect and well received by you.

Daisy-chaining / stacking of TickrMeters.

We had some questions about how the chaining of units works practically. Initially, the plan was to stack the units with magnets and then chain them with USB cables. However, due to the success of the campaign, we were able to design something custom and more elegant utilizing pogo pins.

What's a pogo pin? A pogo pin is essentially a spring-loaded connector.

Pogo pin


On TickrMeter, we placed a set of gold plated connector pins on the top and bottom so that you can charge multiple units by stacking them with just a single unit plugged in a USB cable. Built-in magnets makes sure to align the units perfectly.

Connector pads top-side
Connector pads top-side

Spring-loaded pogo pins bottom-side
Spring-loaded pogo pins bottom-side'
Lastly, from all of us: we wish you a very Merry Christmas 🎄 
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