TickrMeter: Physical Stock Ticker Display For Your Home And Office
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Watch your portfolio grow 🚀 on your desk with Tickrmeter. 

Build and visualize your portfolio physically and monitor it without losing focus on what matters.

TickerMeter is a physical stock ticker display for your home and office that displays the latest prices for your current stock, crypto or forex positions.

TickrMeter is ever-developing and receives new features every month through software and firmware updates. Join TickrMeter hub to follow the newest developments!

Real-time Professional grade financial data

Global ETF, Index and stock coverage

Crypto feed by CoinGecko

Track 50+ Commodities like gold and silver

Stock data supplied by Nasdaq

Exclusive E-Ink display

Rechargeable Battery lasting up to 4 weeks

Over 25.000 TickrMeters in the wild

Recently seen on danish Shark Tank


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More than just a Physical Ticker

Non-intrusive E-Paper Display

TickrMeter utilizes an E-Paper display to showcase your stocks.

E-Paper emits no light, and falls naturally into the surroundings like an framed picture.

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