Production Update #8
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Production Update #8

Production Update #8
Hi Backers! Markus here.

We are still on schedule and are planning to begin shipping in late February. I am bummed out by the delays as much as you are, as the plan was to be shipping out batch two by now. However, everything is being done to speed up the process, even to the extent that we are looking into equity funding to buy components faster.

Instead of just saying "doing what we can," I'd like to use this update to give some insights or "behind the scenes" on production as you, the backers, not only just bought, but funded TickrMeter.

Local assembly

To deliver faster to the first backers, we will also set up a local assembly line locally in Denmark where we are located in tandem with the primary manufacturer in Thailand. This way, we can make sure that we can begin shipping sooner as we have complete control of assembly (as long as the components arrive on time) and save a few weeks as we can ship directly to you.

A backer asked why a campaign that launched in the same week as ours had already begun to ship.

That is a fair question, and I want to assure you that the delays are not due to us sitting on our hands. Already established companies running their second or third campaign will have a precise idea of demand before launching products and often sets up supply lines and pre-purchase components before launching to enable faster delivery.

We couldn’t do that as TickrMeter is wholly bootstrapped and "born" from this campaign so we didn’t have funds to pre-purchase components before we got the payout from IGG.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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Jimmy calendar_today

Just great work! Keep it up! I was one of the first (I think) that saw the EARLY beta! (On an Danish investment FB group) Nicr to see the work going in to this!

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